The Story Behind the World's First Non-Sucky Sofa Bed

The Struggle is Real

We've all been there – slept a night on an extra bed and woke up after a poorly-rested night with terrible back pain. Or perhaps you had to utilize one of those dreadful sofa beds in your apartment to accommodate guests, feeling a bit disheartened each time you walked past that disruptor of good sleep. We are here to change that!

Solution - The Sofa Bed

This stylish sofa is designed for exceptional comfort and effortlessly transforms into a highly comfortable king-size extra bed with minimal effort.
Now you can enjoy good looks, comfort, and ease of use, all in one package.

But wait, there is more

It's also the most comfortable TV lounger you've ever encountered.
Have you struggled to find a comfortable TV-watching position on your sofa? Wondering where to place your legs? Perhaps on the table, on your spouse, or even sitting on the floor in front of the sofa? No more, we say. With The Sofa Bed, the entire family can enjoy hours of TV in comfort. And if someone spills something – whether a little one or a big one – just toss the cover in the washer.

Origins of The Sofa Bed

The Sofa Bed was created when KOTA was commissioned by BobW, one of the hottest hospitality start-ups in Europe, to design a top-quality sofa bed for their rooms in Amsterdam's newest venue. They had faced the same issue as many others: finding a sofa bed that is both genuinely comfortable and easy to use is challenging. This inspired KOTA to go on a mission to revolutionize sofa beds once and for all. One year later, we can happily say that we have succeeded.

Our Creative Director

Andras Kelemen, co-founder and creative director of Kota, has a long history in high-end design. Having previously worked with clients such as legendary design brand Eero Aarnio Originals and Sweden’s hottest design agency, SNASK, he consistently sets the bar high.