Finally, a Sofa Bed That Doesn't Suck

Finally, a Sofa Bed That Doesn't Suck

At KOTA, we’re proud of our Nordic roots and our commitment to helping the planet. Our sofa beds aren’t just furniture—they’re a lifestyle upgrade. With sleek Scandinavian design and eco-friendly materials, they blend seamlessly into any home.

KOTA King as a Daybed

Versatility Galore

Our king-size sofa bed is like a Swiss Army knife for your living room. It’s a sofa, bed, daybed, and lounger all in one. Perfect for movie nights, unexpected guests, or just lounging around, it adapts to whatever you need.

KOTA King as a Lounger

Comfort You Can Count On

Dual foam design with memory foam ensures ultimate comfort whether you’re sitting or sleeping. Plus, our high-quality foams hold their shape for 25 years. Yup, 25 years of cushy comfort.

Kota as a Bed 

Sustainability Meets Convenience

We’re all about that green life. By vacuum packing our products, we cut CO2 emissions by 50%. Our fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles and are tough as nails with over 100,000 Martindales. Plus, our sofa bed covers are made from recycled plastic. And if you decide to part ways with your KOTA, we donate or resell returned products, keeping them out of landfills.

    Hassle-Free Shopping

    Buying a KOTA sofa bed is a breeze. Our website is super easy to use, and we offer free delivery and returns. Plus, you get a 90-day trial to make sure you love your new sofa bed.


    Join the KOTA family

    Ready to upgrade your living space with style, sustainability, and serious comfort? Check out KOTA’s sofa beds today and join our family of happy customers.

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